Welcome to my blog, in this post I’ll quickly introduce you to myself and my plans with this website.

The name is not a disguise. I am a developer at a major trading firm in my late twenties. I sit on the trading floor, focusing on crypto. I am very involved with the trading.

For this blog I decided to remain anonymous for a few reasons. First off, it seems to be the norm within crypto, and I am probably going to discuss a lot of crypto here. Secondly, and most importantly, because of my occupation I’m restricted in what I can and can not say. Even though I am anonymous, I will try my best to adhere to my contractual obligations, but I want to distance myself as much as possible from my employer (and possible lawsuits). Please remember my blog posts are my opinion, and my opinion only. I do not, in any way, represent my employer on this website. And like always, do not misconstrue my shitposting for financial advice.

Personally I have been into computer science for a long time. Got into programming in elementary school, about 15 years ago. Started with games, got into security and hacking (we might visit those topics) and got into crypto quite a few cycles ago. This slowly grew my interest in finance, from Arthur taking my beer money in 2017 to being balls deep into all kind of weird future products. Before I got hired by my current employer, I was doing delta neutral strategies like market making, directional trading on futures and longing volatility. That’s the first bit of alpha, long the quanto futures, short the inverse perpetuals and thank me later.

Posts on this blog will consist of trading stories, my opinion on the markets and whatever floats my boat. In most posts I will have a strong technical background, being into programming and crypto for a decade or more I might do the occasional DeFi platform (code) review. I already have a blog or two planned about some shitty DeFi platforms. Expect technical and trading alpha here.